2023 Class Winners


We’re happy to release the details of all of the class winners from this year’s Woodcote Rally. You can find all winners detailed in the table below.

A huge well done to all of the winners, and a massive thank you to all of our exhibitors for making the return of the Woodcote Rally such a fantastic event! It wouldn’t be much without you!

If you are one of the winners and wish to have a photo of your exhibit added to this page please send it to making it clear which class winner the photo is for and we’ll get them added.

Or, if you spot your exhibit in the photo galleries from this year, tell us the day and photo number (you’ll see it in the bottom right hand corner when you open the images up), we’ll get it added to the page.

A. Large Steam
Ran Hawthorne Memorial Shield
Ewen Davis
1889 Ransome, Simms and Jefferies 4 nhp Portable
B. Vintage Tractors
Dick Vernon Memorial Award
Bob and Amy Carter
1957 Nuffield Universal 4
C. Stationery Engines
Allum Award
Phil and Val Brockbank
1921 Hercules N
D. Commercial Vehicles
Dave Sarney Memorial Cup
Harry Douglas
1956 Austin A35 Pickup
E. Historic Cars Over 40 Years Old
George Ballard Award
Gareth Wright
1952 Jowett Jupiter SA
F. Historic Motor Cycles Over 40 Years Old
The Albert Goldsmith Award
Sean Brennan
1974 Suzuki TS250
K. Classic Cars Over 25 Years Old
Castrol Research Cup
Stephen Mitchell
1982 Ford Cortina MK5
M. Military
Main’s Motors Military Cup
Marion Venners
1942 Humber PU 8cwt 4x4
S. Steam Models
Autovolks Trophy
Colin and Paul Davis
1980 Burrell Traction engine ‘Buddy’
Exceptional Exhibit, Victorian period onwards
Paul Harrison Award
Ewen Davis
1889 Ransome, Simms and Jefferies 4 nhp Portable
Commercial Vehicle
Ray Main Memorial Cup
Harry Douglas
1956 Austin A35 Pickup
Military Display
Evening Post Cup
Nivelle Company, AFC
Modern display and cadettes on parade
1956 Austin A35 Pickup

Class D: 1956 Austin A35 Pickup

1952 Jowett Jupiter SA

Class E: 1952 Jowett Jupiter SA

1982 Ford Cortina MK5

Class K: 1982 Ford Cortina MK5