2023 Donations Evening


On behalf of the WOODCOTE CHARITABLE ASSOCIATION, following a break of three years due to covid and no available field last year, the Woodcote Rally Committee is pleased to announce that, following an extremely successful year, we have donated the amazing sum of £25,000 to local charities and good causes within Woodcote and neighbouring villages. This brings the total donations since the first Rally in 1964 to an enormous £532,000.

The Donations Evening was held in Woodcote Village Hall on Friday 10th November 2023. This event makes it all worthwhile for the Rally Committee and Association members as they see how all their voluntary efforts and hard work have paid off.


The evening began with the presentation of trophies to the best in class exhibits at the Rally. Trophies were awarded to a range of vintage vehicles including cars, motor bikes, commercial vehicles, and, of course, steam engines.

Here are just a few of the highlights:

  • The Ran Hawthorne Memorial Shield for large steam was awarded to Ewen Davis for his 1889 Ransome, Simms and Jefferies 4nhp Portable.
  • The Castrol Research Cup was awarded to Stephen Mitchell for his 1982 Ford Cortina MK5.
  • The Dick Vernon Memorial Award for tractors went to Bob and Amy Carter for their 1957 Nuffield Universal 4.

Other awards presented included the George Ballard Memorial Award for Historic Cars over 40 years old which went to Gareth Wright and the Albert Goldsmith Award for historic motorbikes over 40 years old which went to Sean Brennan. George and Albert, both sadly departed, were long standing members of the Woodcote Charitable Association. Albert’s trophy was presented by his widow Sylvia.

The complete list of Awards can be seen below.

A. Large Steam
Ran Hawthorne Memorial Shield
Ewen Davis
1889 Ransome, Simms and Jefferies 4 nhp Portable
B. Vintage Tractors
Dick Vernon Memorial Award
Bob and Amy Carter
1957 Nuffield Universal 4
C. Stationery Engines
Allum Award
Phil and Val Brockbank
1921 Hercules N
D. Commercial Vehicles
Dave Sarney Memorial Cup
Harry Douglas
1956 Austin A35 Pickup
E. Historic Cars over 40 years old
George Ballard Award
Gareth Wright
1952 Jowett Jupiter SA
F. Historic Motorcycles over 40 years old
The Albert Goldsmith Award
Sean Brennan
1974 Suzuki TS250
K. Classic Cars over 25 years old
Castrol Research Cup
Stephen Mitchell
1982 Ford Cortina MK5
M. Military
Main's Motors Military Cup
Marion Venners
1942 Humber PU 8cwt 4x4
S. Steam Models
Autovolks Trophy
Colin and Paul Davis
1980 Burrell Traction engine ‘Buddy’
Exceptional Exhibit, Victorian period onwards
Paul Harrison Award
Ewen Davis
1889 Ransome, Simms and Jefferies 4 nhp Portable
Commercial Vehicle
Ray Main Memorial Cup
Harry Douglas
1956 Austin A35 Pickup
Military Display
Evening Post Cup
Nivelle Company, AFC
Modern display and cadettes on parade


Following a short interlude for refreshments, kindly provided by the Woodcote Village Hall Committee, members of the Woodcote Charitable Association Trustees went on to conduct the all-important part of the evening by presenting cheques to the local charities and organisations.

Here are just a few of the highlights:

  • Woodcote Village Hall will use their donation to improve their kitchen equipment.
  • The Woodcote Conservation Group are working on the restoration of the lower pond at Greenmore.
  • Woodcote Volunteers would like to introduce an on-line booking system.
  • Woodcote Community Centre would like to update their booking system and include keyless access.
  • St Leonard’s Church aim to install a toilet.
  • Christ the King Church are working on stabilising their roof.

The complete list can be seen below.


£500 Wyfold Riding for the Disabled
£750* RG8 Badminton Club, Woodcote
£1250* National Vintage Tractor & Engine Club – Thames Valley Group


£500 1st Goring Heath Scout and Guide Group, Cray’s Pond
£750* Checkendon Brownies
£1250* Oxfordshire Army Cadet Force (Nivelle Company)
£750* 1st Stoke Row Scout Group

Local Community

£2000* Woodcote Village Hall
£2000* Woodcote Village Green Committee (incorporating Woodcote Cricket and Football Clubs)
£600 Woodcote Correspondent
£1000 Woodcote Community Centre
£2000* Woodcote Volunteers
£1000* Woodcote Conservation Group
£750* Woodcote Youth Club
£500* RSPB Reading Local Group
£1000 Our Woodcote Library (OWL)


£500 Goring Heath Charities


£750 St Leonard’s Church, Woodcote
£750 Catholic Church Christ the King, South Stoke Road


£1000* Woodcote Pre-School
£1000* Cabin Preschool


£600 Bishopswood Special school
£600 Friends of Woodcote Primary School
£700* Langtree School


£750 Dr Griffith Higgs Educational Charity
£500* Checkendon Aid in Sickness
£1250* Alexander Devine Hospice

(*) Those donations indicated with an asterisk reflect the assistance given by that organisation in the running of the 2019 Rally. The Rally Committee and the Woodcote Charitable Association wish to thank them for their support.

Over The Years

This is how some of the donations have totalled up over the years. Out of the £532,000 donated since 1964 these are some of the beneficiaries:

  • £45,770 Woodcote Village Hall
  • £18,465 Woodcote Village Green
  • £15,540 Langtree School
  • £12,925 Woodcote Youth Club
  • £12,145 St Leonard’s Church

The 2024 Woodcote Rally will be held over the weekend of 13th and 14th July and we look forward to seeing you there. Watch out for news of exciting developments that will ensure the ongoing success of the Rally. We thank you for your continued support.

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