Woodcote Rally 2023 Does Alright!


Well, it was pretty good, wasn’t it?. We have had lots of feedback saying how much people enjoyed the event. And, yes, we were lucky with the weather, especially looking at what followed in July!

Whilst we are still finalising the accounts, it’s clear that we shall have a substantial sum to give away to good causes in and around Woodcote. So we want now to invite organisations in the village to tell us what we can do for them.

The Rally is run by the Woodcote Charitable Association, which itself is a registered charity and also a company limited by guarantee. Its purpose is to raise money to support good causes in the village, with the aim of improving life for residents of Woodcote and its immediate environs. The Association is staffed entirely by volunteers who run the Rally and keep the Association safe, legal and viable. All of the money raised by the Rally is donated to good causes, and you can see exactly how we are doing in our published accounts.

Having had a gap of three years, thanks to Covid and the loss of the field, it’s great to once again be in a position to help organisations within the village. Circumstances change over time, of course. So we have decided to treat this as a fresh start. We would like to encourage organisations that would like support to tell us how we can help them and how villagers will benefit.

If you are part of a society or group or organisation that supports the life of the village and its residents, and you have a project, or some development plans, or maybe just a good idea, we would like you to send us an email telling us about what you do for the village, what you would like to do, what it is going to cost, and how it will benefit the village. The more you can tell us, the better. We would much prefer to support your good idea, rather than contribute to your running costs. And we can only deal with bona fide organisations that at the very least have a bank account. Sorry, but we can’t support individuals.

If your organisation is one of those that provided help to the Rally (and sincere thanks to those that did – we couldn’t have done it without you), then you will automatically receive a donation which reflects the help you gave. However, if you have a “special” project, then please do email us the details. If we can, we would like to provide additional support.

You may represent an organisation which has received donations in the past. If you do, you still need to email us in order to be considered for a donation this year. We are starting with a clean slate, so please tell us how we can support you.

We need to receive your email by Friday, 15th September. Please include a telephone number in case we need to call you. In October, the Association will decide who gets what, and we will contact you towards the end of that month with the news. If you are successful, you will be invited to attend our Presentation evening on Friday 10th November in the Village Hall, where you will be presented with your cheque.

Finally, the email address you need to write to: