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Why Go

Why go? That’s a very good question, the answer to which may not be obvious to you, the general public and visitors to the Woodcote Rally.

As well as being a fantastic weekend event for the whole family, the driving force behind the annual Woodcote Rally is for the Woodcote Charitable Association to raise as much money for local organisations, causes, and charities as we can.

Each year, the Donations Evening makes all of the hard work putting on the Rally worthwhile. The Rally Committee and Association members get to see how all of their voluntary efforts have helped local charities and worthy good causes within the village of Woodcote and surrounding area.

This is the reason the Woodcote Rally continues and why the Committee and Association members work so hard to make each year as good as – if not better than – the one before.

Every person who comes through the gate over the Rally weekend ensures not only the success of the Rally but they also directly contribute to the money raised and given by the Woodcote Charitable Association each year.

Rally Donations

From its humble beginnings trying to raise some money for the Woodcote Village Hall, the Rally has donated a considerable amount of money to local organisations and charities. As you can see below, the total amount raised and given to good local causes is something we are very proud of!

If you are interested in applying for a donation from the Woodcote Rally, please visit our Rally Donations page to find out how donations are decided, the timeline for donations, and also who to contact to apply for a donation.

Donations Since 1964

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Your Rally Needs You!

As a charity, we rely on the public's generosity to keep the rally going. Without YOU we won't be able to support the local organisations who benefit from the money we raise each year.

Will you join us?

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