Our Alcohol Policy

Woodcote Charitable Association is committed to ensuring a safe and well spirited Rally weekend; Woodcote Charitable Association understands that at the centre of this commitment is a fair and productive alcohol policy which will encourage responsible drinking.

Only reasonable quantities of alcohol can be brought onto the Rally field; “reasonable” is at the discretion of the security staff.

Each person (over 18) can bring alcohol for themselves, but not other people. Anyone under the age of 18 found with alcohol will have it taken away, in compliance with the law.

Alcohol will not be sold to anyone (no matter how old they are) who is:

  • acting in a disruptive or abusive manner whilst under the influence of alcohol
  • purchasing alcohol for the consumption of a minor
  • purchasing alcohol for someone who has been refused for being in excess of alcohol

All drinks sold at the Rally will be in open paper or plastic containers. For safety reasons NO glass is permitted on the Rally field.

If you are lucky enough to look younger than what you are please ensure you have I.D. with you.

Please don’t drive under the influence of drink or drugs at any time.

Take note that if you have been drinking in the evening, it has not necessarily worn off when you wake up in the morning – be safe not sorry!