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Programme of Events

The Rally is open at 10:00 am both days and closes at 11:00 pm on Saturday, and 6:00 pm on Sunday.

The programme of events are subject to amendment without notice, and may be amended in the light of prevailing weather conditions. Times of events are approximate.


Main Arena

12:00Miniature Steam Rides
12:45Hawkwalk Birds of Prey
1:15Cars (Class K & P)
2:00Steam Parade & Games
3:30Commercial and Military
4:00Hawkwalk Birds of Prey
4:30Cars (Class E)
5:15Motor Cycles
6:30Hot Air Balloons *

* Subject to weather & confirmation

Country Area

2:00Cholsey Silver Band
3:00Cholsey Silver Band
4:00Cholsey Silver Band


Main Arena

10:00Tractor Driving Competition
12:15Steam Rides
1:00Hawkwalk Birds of Prey
1:30Cars (Class E)
1:45Steam Parade and Games
3:15Commercial and Military
3:45Hawkwalk Birds of Prey
5:15Cars (Class K and P)


Country Area

2:00Otis B Driftwood Strolling Jazz Trio
3:00Otis B Driftwood Strolling Jazz Trio
4:00Otis B Driftwood Strolling Jazz Trio


This year’s musical line-up has been confirmed! You can see the main stage acts and times detailed below.


Main Stage

12:00TayosoundMore Info
1:00DrumclubMore Info
2:30Lonely TouristMore Info
3:50Zep UnpluggedMore Info
4:45Octane SpringMore Info
6:15Dolly And The ClothspegsMore Info
8:30 – 10:30Triple O bandMore Info


Main Stage

12:00Jon FletcherMore Info
1:00RushkeeperMore Info
1:45Heather Jayne & the Red ShoesMore Info
3:00WobMore Info
4:00Damian ClarkeMore Info

Festival of Ale

Held each year as part of the Woodcote Rally, the ‘Festival of Ale’ is run and managed by South Oxfordshire CAMRA. Hosting over 30 ales and ciders, wine, and soft drinks for the kids.

Help us reduce waste and enjoy more of your pint!

To help us reduce the number of disposable beer cups we throw away, you’ll be asked to purchase a re-usable souvenir plastic beer cup costing 50p. By bringing it back to the bar for refill you’ll be saving unnecessary waste. They are less sloppy than the floppy cups so, with a bit of luck, you’ll spill less beer.


Below are the breweries supplying the beers for this year’s Festival of Ale.

Provisional Beer List

Below are the provisional beer, cider, and lager lists for this year’s Festival of Ale.

* This list is subject to change without notice


BattledownOriginalAmber (Best Bitter)4.4
BattledownPale AleGolden3.8
BellingersStirlingAmber (Strong)6.0
Bingham’sTwyford TippleAmber (Std Bitter)3.7
Bingham’sSpace Hoppy IPAGoldern (Strong)5.0
Bond BrewsBest of BritishAmber4.0
Bond BrewsRailway PorterDark (Porter)4.5
Little OxFilthy Rich PorterDark (Porter)4.5
Little OxWipeout American PAGolden4.2
LoddonFerryman’s GoldGolden4.2
LoddonForbury LionAmber (Strong)5.5
LoddonHoppitAmber (Std Bitter)3.5
Long ManLong BeachAmber (Std Bitter)3.8
Long ManOld ManDark4.3
Loose CannonAbingdon BridgeAmber (Best Bitter)4.1
Loose CannonRabble RouserGolden (Cloudy Wheat)4.0
Love BeerMild RoverDark (Mild)4.5
Love BeerOG Extra Pale AleGolden4.1
RamsburyRamsbury BitterAmber (Std Bitter)3.6
RidgewayBitterAmber (Best Bitter)4.0
RidgewayIPA (Gluten Free)Golden (Srong)5.4
West BerksGood Old BoyAmber (Best Bitter)4.0
West BerksMagg’s Magnificent MildDark (Mild)3.8
West BerksMaharaja IPAAmber5.0
West BerksMr Chubb’s Lunchtime BitterAmber (Std Bitter)3.7
White HorseOxfordshire BitterGolden3.7
White HorseVillage IdiotGolden4.1


West BerkshireSaazbruckerPilsner4.9


Tutts ClumpRoyal BerkshireSweet6.0
Tutts ClumpSpecial ReserveDry6.0
Tutts ClumpFarmhouse PerryMedium/Dry6.0
Tutts ClumpBlackberryMedium/Sweet4.0
Red DogMedium-DryMedium/Dry6.5

Food & Drink

The food and drink offerings at the Rally will be open until 10:30pm Saturday and approximately 5pm Sunday, unless otherwise stated below. Most of these stands offer hot and cold drinks to accompany your food.

Ice cream vans will also be found around the Rally field.

The Duel Fuel Tanker

Grilled food including burgers, sausages, cooked breakfasts & hot and cold Baguettes
Near the stage and CAMRA Beer Tent

Banana Leaf Thai

Authentic Thai cuisine
Near the stage and CAMRA Beer Tent

Jack's Smoke Shack

American BBQ including Beef Brisket, Fried Chicken and Macaroni Cheese
Near the stage and CAMRA Beer Tent

The Speciality Food Company

Freshly baked pies and pasties served with mushy peas, chunky chips or mash
Near the stage and CAMRA Beer Tent

Little Reds Pizza

Authentic wood fired pizzas (Friday evening and Sunday only)
Near the stage and CAMRA Beer Tent

Pancakes & Donuts

Sweet and savoury crepes, and freshly made Donuts
Near the stage and CAMRA Beer Tent

The Happy Gurkha

A team of retired Gurkhas who cook scrumptious, freshly prepared Nepalese cuisine including organics meat curries and a selection of vegetarian/gluten free dishes and daal

John The Greek Street Food

Grilled chicken fillet/vegetable Souvlaki served in a gently warmed Pitta Bread with a dollop of our famous homemade Tzatziki sauce

The Orgazmic Milkshake Company

Fruit smoothies, chocolate bar, milkshakes, scoop ice cream, waffles and hot drinks
Near the stage and CAMRA Beer Tent

Mojecco, Pimms & Gin Bar

Serving prosecco, mojitos, Pimm’s, and Gin based drinks for those non ale/cider drinkers
Located between the Stage and CAMRA beer tent

Time for Tea Vintage Tea Room

Serving tea, coffee, soft drinks, cakes, cream teas, pastries, sandwiches, sausage Rolls and Scotch Eggs
Next to the Craft Tent
Open from 10am until approximately 5pm

Your Rally Needs You!

As a charity, we rely on the public's generosity to keep the rally going. Without YOU we won't be able to support the local organisations who benefit from the money we raise each year.

Will you join us?

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