What Does This Mean?

The Woodcote Rally is 100% non-profit! This means all our profits are donated to local organisations, causes, and charities, and we’ve done that every year since 1965, and we will keep doing it.

We support a variety of different organisations including local sports clubs, local youth groups, the village hall and community centre, schools and pre-school groups, and many more besides.

Below you can see a typical breakdown of the donations given each year by the Woodcote Rally:

Typical Woodcote Rally Donations Split Chart
When you buy a ticket to the Woodcote Rally or volunteer over the Rally weekend, you are a part of increasing the quality of life for many people in Woodcote and the surrounding area. Since 1965 the Woodcote Rally has generated in excess of £500,000 for local causes, which is no small achievement.

Thank you!

About the Charitable Association

The Woodcote Charitable Association is the association dedicated to producing the family oriented, high quality event that is the Woodcote Rally. The Woodcote Charitable Association is completely run by volunteers and receives all of its funds from the annual Woodcote Rally.

The Woodcote Charitable Association accepts applications for donations, more details on which can be found on our donations page.