2018 Class Winners


Below you can find the details of all of the class winners from this year’s Woodcote Rally.

Well done to all of the winners and a massive thank you to all of our exhibitors for making it such a fantastic event!

If you are one of the winners and wish to have a photo of your exhibit added to this page please send them to making it clear which class winner the photo is for and we’ll get them added.

A. Large Steam
Ran Hawthorne Memorial Shield
Richard Poole
1910 Allchin General Purpose
B. Vintage Tractors
Dick Vernon Memorial Award
Jo Moodie
1939 International ten/twenty
C. Stationary Engines
Allum Award
Steve Bennett
1949 Widdop SW 5hp
D. Commercial Vehicles
Dave Sarney Memorial Cup
H Douglas
1967 Austin A35 Van
E. Veteran and Vintage
George Ballard Award
Alan Briant
1937 Morris Eight
F. Vintage Motor Cycles
The Albert Goldsmith Award
Geoff Botting
1939 Francis Barnett Power Bike 50
K. Motor Cars 1940 – 1972
Castrol Research Cup
James Hall
1959 MGA Mk1 Roadster
L. Motor Cycles 1940 – 1972
White Lion Cup
John Coran
1965 Royal Enfield 750 Intercepter
M. Military
Main’s Motors Military Cup
Ken Willey
1941 Jeep and trailer MB
N. Classic Tractors
NatWest Trophy
Jeremy Callan
1967 Zetor 3013
S. Steam Models
Autovolks Trophy
Jill Cohen & Ian Russell
Fowler Agricultural 4″ scale
Exceptional Exhibit, Victorian period onwards
Paul Harrison Award
Colin & Vicky Hazelhurst
1905 Marshall Portable
Judges Choice of Special Exhibit
S B Engineering Special Award
Abigale Bollon
1955 Trackgrip M4