2017 Rally Field Setup

July 4, 2017

People have been working hard over the weekend preparing the Rally field ready for this weekend’s festivities

We might be a steam and vintage rally but preparation started on the Rally field with the latest robotic technology kindly loaned by Farol Ltd.

A big thank you also goes out to Dom Hicks from KH Contracting who came and helped out with further field preparation, making sure the entrances and exits are safe for traffic.

And to help spur the volunteers along, our first exhibit arrived, and in glorious sunshine too! A beautiful Allchin Steam engine owned by Richard Poole.

Most of the marking out is now complete but there’s still plenty more to do and volunteers are always welcome to help spread the workload.

Morning sessions start around 9am, and for those not yet retired, evening sessions start at 6pm. The more the merrier, and all help will be very gratefully received.

Update: 5th July

Marquees are now beginning to go up and the main stage area is in place. More photos can be seen below.

Update: 6th July

The marquees are now taking shape, with the beer kegs beginning to be put in place to settle in time for supping over the weekend.

More exhibitors are arriving, and the main arena is beginning to take shape.

Marking out the Rally field
Robotic tractor
A job well done
Allchin Steam engine
Marking out the Rally field 1
Marking out the Rally field 2
Marquee setup 1
Marquee setup 2
Marquee setup 3
Marquee setup 4
Main stage setup
The beginnings of the fun fair
Marquees on the field
Beer keg racks 1
Beer keg racks 2
Craft tent
The Duel Fuel Tanker
The beer arrives 1
The beer arrives 2
The exhibitors begin to arrive
The main arena start to take shape