2015 Donations Evening

November 27, 2015
On behalf of the Woodcote Charitable Association, the Woodcote Rally Committee is pleased to announce that, following another successful year, we can donate the impressive sum of £16,500 to local charities and worthy good causes that we support within the village of Woodcote or close by. This brings the total donations since the first rally in 1964 to £441,500.
The Donations Evening was held in Woodcote Village Hall on Friday 27th November 2015. This event makes it all worthwhile for the Rally Committee and Association members as they see how all their voluntary efforts and hard work have paid off.


Following the introduction by Mr Peter Solomons (Woodcote Charitable Association Chairman), he and Mr Nic Bartholomew (Woodcote Rally Director) presented the awards to the best in class for the exhibits at Woodcote Rally 2015. The class winners received their trophies (some coming from far away, but a large number of them being local people from around the Woodcote area) showing their huge interest in the preservation of vintage transport including cars, motorbikes, commercial vehicles, and, of course, steam engines.

2015 Woodcote Rally Award Winners
Here are just a few of the highlights:

  • The Ran Hawthorne Memorial Shield for large steam was awarded to Terry Petty from Aylesbury for his 1913 Marshall Traction Engine, “Emma”.
  • The George Ballard Memorial Award for Veteran and Vintage Cars was awarded to Peter Barton from Yateley for his 1924 Bentley 4.5 touring car.
  • The Dick Vernon Memorial Award for tractors went to Philip Brennan from Woodcote for his 1969 Ford 4000 tractor.
  • The Equine Cup went to Simon Powell’s shire horse exhibit with dray and steam-powered fire engine.

The complete list of Awards can be seen below.

Class Entry Number Award Winner Vehicle
A. Large Steam A21 Ran Hawthorne Memorial Shield Terry Petty “Emma” 1913 Marshall Traction Engine
B. Vintage Tractors B131 Dick Vernon Memorial Award Philip Brennan 1969 Ford 4000 Tractor
C. Stationary Engines C27 Allum Award S Vaughan 1924 Hobbs Stationary Engine
D. Commercial Vehicles D53 Dave Sarney Memorial Cup David Parslow 1965 Scammell Highwayman
E. Veteran and Vintage Cars E8 George Ballard Award Peter Barton 1924 Bentley 3 / 4.5 Touring Car
F. Vintage Motor Cycles F18 Motorcycle Award David Turner 1927 Indian Police Scout
K. Motor Cars 1940 – 1972 K156 Castrol Research Cup Paul Rathbone 1957 MG Magnette ZB Variotone
L. Motor Cycles 1940 – 1972 L36 White Lion Cup Les Porterfield 1962 BMW R60, Combination Motorcycle
M. Military and Commercials M18 Smith Cup Henry Bennett 1942 Ford GPW Jeep
N. Classic Tractors B42 NatWest Trophy Chris Stansbury 1948 Ferguson TEA 20
S. Steam Models S29 Autovolks Trophy Chris Cane “Prometheus” 6 inch model of McClaren Road Locomotive
Tractor Driving Competition   Bud Finch Tractor Driving Award Joe Keitch 135 Massey
Exceptional Exhibit, Victorian period onwards E36 Paul Harrison Award Peter Bosley 1920 Ford Model T Tourer
    The Equine Cup Simon Powell Shire Horses exhibit with dray and steam powered fire engine
  D15 S. B. Engineering Special Award Ray Fletcher 1951 Land Rover Series One 80


Following a short interlude for refreshments, kindly provided by the Woodcote Village Hall Committee, members of the Woodcote Charitable Association Trustees went on to conduct the all-important part of the evening by presenting cheques to local charities and organisation.

2015 Woodcote Rally Donations
Here are just a few of the highlights:

  • The Village Hall Committee will use their donation towards the purchase of a defibrillator.
  • Woodcote Youth Club will buy an X-Box.
  • OWL (Our Woodcote Library) to buy new books and put on special events.
  • Mowforth House will provide Christmas Lunch for their residents.
  • Friends of Woodcote Primary School will help support the funding of school trips.
  • The Griffiths Higgs Educational Charity will provide extra books for children as they move between their stages of education.
  • Woodcote Cricket Club and Woodcote/Stoke Row Football Club will use their donations to promote football and cricket for the younger people of the village.

The complete list can be seen below.


Donation Recipient
£400* Woodcote Cricket Club
£400* Woodcote Badminton Club
£200 Riding for the Disabled (Wyfold)
£200 Woodcote/Stoke Row Football Club
£350* RG8 Badminton Club, Woodcote
£300* Almshouses Bowls Club (Goring Heath)
£600* Thames Valley Tractor Club
£300* Reading Abbey Rugby Football Club


Donation Recipient
£500* 1st Stoke Row Scout Group
£600* Goring Heath Scout and Guide Group
£850* Oxfordshire ‘Wallingford’ Army Cadet Force

Local Community

Donation Recipient
£1000 Woodcote Village Hall
£600 Woodcote/Goring Medical Centre
£650 Woodcote Community Centre
£500 Woodcote Volunteers
£200 Checkendon and District Aid in Sickness
£1000* Thames Valley Air Ambulance
£200 Oxfordshire Fire & Rescue Service (Firefighters Charity)
£300* Woodcote Youth Club
£250 Woodcote Village Green Committee
£300* Henley & District Young Farmers
£350 OWL (Our Woodcote Library)
£200 RAF Benson (RAF Benevolent Fund)
£200 Woodcote Amateur Dramatic Society


Donation Recipient
£200 Mowforth House, Woodcote
£200 Goring Heath Almshouses


Donation Recipient
£550* Cabin Pre-School Group
£550* Woodcote Pre-School Group
£500* Friends of Woodcote Primary School
£350* Checkendon Brownies
£200 Woodcote Breakfast Club


Donation Recipient
£500 Langtree School, Woodcote
£600 Griffiths Higgs Educational Charity
£200* Stoke Row C of E Primary School


Donation Recipient
£200 Christ The King, Woodcote
£300* St Leonard’s, Woodcote
£100* St Peter’s (Caversham) Church Organ Fund


Donation Recipient
£300* Sue Ryder Care, Nettlebed
£300* Marie Curie Cancer Care
£500 Thames Valley LUPUS Group
£300 Hearing Dogs for Deaf People
£200 Macular Society (Goring Group)
(*) Those donations indicated with an asterisk reflect the assistance given by that organisation in the running of the 2015 Rally. The Rally Committee and the Woodcote Charitable Association wish to thank them for their support.

Over The Years

This is how some of the donations have totalled up over the years out of the £441,500 donated since 1964:

  • £40,020 Woodcote Village Hall
  • £19,087 Goring Heath Scouts
  • £18,780 Woodcote/Goring Medical Centre
  • £15,215 Woodcote Village Green
  • £13,440 Langtree School
  • £11,375 Woodcote Youth Club
  • £10,655 St Leonard’s Church